Potty Press publication enlightens community

Brain teasers. Information on distracted driving. A list of common headache triggers.. All this and more make up the Oct. 20 issue of Potty Press, the Keeling Health Center publication that appears in bathrooms across campus during the semester.
Keeling prints 215 copies of the Potty Press each week.
Jim McGee, coordinator of Health Promotions, oversees the production of the fliers. Holly Ryan is the student worker who puts them together each week.
Of the creation of Potty Press itself, McGee said, “I have input, yes. We work with student organizations, we work with stuff going on in student senate, stuff going on around campus that is health related, or just information we think is good for students to attend or get involved in.”
He said that Potty Press tries to keep up with trending topics in the health and medical worlds, dispelling myths, providing information, and offering fun facts for students to read.
In addition to Potty Press, Keeling offers other resources students can access without having to visit the center directly.
These include interactive self-assessment tools such as depression and anxiety screenings, and “Ask Dr. Eagle,” which is a resource students who wish to remain anonymous can use.
“Students can go to that and ask medical type questions – ones that they want to keep anonymous and don’t want the medical staff to know. And others – people say ‘Hey. I was doing a research project and I ran across sore throats. Is it true…?’ Stuff like that,” McGee said.
He said that Potty Press does its job “If [we] can touch students and have them read something that might stick for them.”
“We get a lot of positive feedback over the years,” McGee said. “I mean, if you go across campus, a lot of the quotes are torn off, so I think the quotes relate to people. They kind of like the silly statistics about different animals and their sleep patterns. Just different medical-type jargon. Students come back and they say they just enjoy seeing different, neat things in the Potty Press, informational items.”
Students on campus say they find Potty Press an interesting and entertaining resource.
“I think it’s cool,” said senior Zachary Mahoney. “I always read it. It definitely gives good health information, and then there [are] always cute little things, like Halloween costume ideas, and stuff like that. It’s something to look at instead of the wall.”
Jamie Smith, senior communication major, said she likes that Potty Press is issued as often as it is.
“I swear every time I go in the bathroom, there’s a different one,” she said. “I always take pictures of them so I can read them after I leave.”
She said she would like to see more sources listed alongside the content, so students can get further information on the topics if they want.
Students can find other resources like Potty Press at www.clarion.edu, under the Office of Health Promotions page.

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