“Fear Factor” competition challenges student contestants

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Clarion University’s Black Student Union hosted its annual “Fear Factor” event Friday, Oct. 10 in the Gemmell Multi-Purpose Room.
Cortez Carey, the speaker of the event for the night, introduced 14 contestants. The contestants were paired together, creating seven teams.
The game consisted of six rounds, each more challenging than the last, one of them being “Sudden Death.” After each round was complete, one team would be eliminated.
Contestants in the first round, “Mystery Mush,” ran back and forth between two blue tarps to dig in silver pans, looking for the pieces to complete a puzzle. Only one puzzle piece could be brought to the start line at a time, and only one of the two contestants per team could run to the silver pan at a time.
In the second round, “Razor Sharp,” one member of the paired teams had to hold a balloon covered in shaving cream, while the other contestants held a disposable razor in their hand. In this round, the first team to have the shaving cream completely shaved off their balloon without dropping it or popping it won.
Round three was a pie eating contest. In order to move forward to the next round, contestants and their partners had to eat the pie until all the filling was gone without using their hands.
Sophomore Emily Romig participated in the competition.
“I enjoyed it until the third round,” she said. “The pie filling started out by tasting like pumpkin pie and then mustard.”
It was Romig’s first time competing in the annual “Fear Factor” competition.
“Sudden Death” was the fourth round, and it consisted of an egg toss. Each contestant had an egg they had to toss to their partner, and afterward they had to step back two squares before tossing the eggs again.
By round five, there were only three teams left, and their next challenge was bobbing for plums. Three of the six contestants were blindfolded, and had to stick their head in a bucket of water containing live fish to grab the plums with only their mouths.
The teammates who weren’t blindfolded were allowed to give direction to help guide their teammates.
The final round turned into an “Every Man For Himself” competition.
Contestants had to sit in a chair with handcuffs on and dig for a key in a bin of mud. After finding the key and realeasing their hands, they had to run to the table to eat the food and drink the juice in order to win the competition.
The winner was awarded a prize of $100. Timani Boston was the first to complete the final round.
Junior Yassmine Kelly said, “I go to all the BSU events, they’re always good. They are always fun and entertaining. It’s a good turn out tonight, and a diverse crowd. Students that come to the events get to see what BSU does.”

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