Prague: ‘Imagine’ Lennon wall

Studying abroad in Rome gives me so many opportunities to travel. One of the many reasons I chose to study in Italy was because of its convenient central location in Europe. Traveling is quick, easy and painless (most of the time) and pretty cheap as well. Taking a train is only a few Euros, and flights vary: the cheapest one I booked was 60 Euros.
Last weekend, my friends and I took off for Prague, Czech Republic. This was kind of a big deal for me because I almost studied in Prague. It was between Prague and Rome, so making the comparisons between both places was going to be interesting, and I really hoped I made the right decision.
Day one included a free tour from our hostel. It was basically a free walking tour around the area. We saw the Prague orloj, which is the world’s third oldest astronomical clock. Before our tour, everyone was crowded around this clock waiting for it to strike and “the big show” to go off, and it was one of the most overrated shows I’ve ever seen. It rings and a golden bird flaps its wings. Even though it was a bit of a disappointment, it was still such a fun environment to be around. It made everyone so happy and really neat to have everyone gather around.
We also got to visit the Lennon wall, which was a big bucket list item for me. It’s been a tradition at my family reunions to sing “Imagine” by John Lennon, so that and the fact that the wall overall represents symbols of love and peace is just plain cool. My friends and I sat, admired and relaxed there for a couple hours taking pictures and just enjoying life. Moments like these are ones I won’t forget.
You can’t go to Prague without indulging in all of the food they have to offer. Aside from our post-plane Hard Rock visit, we had two authentic meals. The first was a beef goulash with potato pancakes; then the second was a chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes. It’s basically like having a Thanksgiving dinner every meal of the day, which gets a little filling after the first few bites.
We also learned that the less the waiters and waitresses talk to you, the better and the more authentic the food actually is. For dessert we had this famous Czech treat called a Trdelnik. It’s a dough wrapped around a hot metal rod, with cinnamon sugar sprinkled all over it while spinning over an open fire. It was so delicious, we went back and got them about four times, not even upset about it.
Day two included a castle tour, where we took a trolley up to the castle where the President of the Czech Republic lives. It was absolutely gorgeous. It had a medieval gothic type feel and the detail of the buildings left me speechless. We also experienced changing of the guard ceremony, which was similar to the one I’ve seen in Washington D.C.
We left Sunday afternoon, spent the morning souvenir shopping and walking around a bit, and I can 100 percent say that I’m so happy I picked to study in Rome. I loved everything about Prague and the experience I had with my friends. It was a cool city that was interesting with a ton of history, but I really love Rome. I love the people, the food, the slow paced yet fact paced lifestyle. I was ready to come back to my temporary home in Rome.

Lauren Healy enjoys a Trdelnik, a popular Czech dessert.
Lauren Healy enjoys a Trdelnik, a popular Czech dessert.

Next stop, Brussels and Amsterdam. Until next time, Ciao.

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