Letter to the editor: Students for Life gives ‘false information’ about growth of fetus

Students for Life display “The Human Story,” depicts the growth of a human fetus.
Students for Life display “The Human Story,” depicts the growth of a human fetus.

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Two weeks ago, while walking through Gemmell I noticed that Students for Life had a promotional table set up with a large display box titled “The Human Story.” This box  featured an anatomically inaccurate representation of a fetus’ growth development.
Rather than showing the natural growth of a fetus during the first, second and third trimester, the box simply had miniaturized versions of a 40-week old baby. This information is completely false, and to try and peddle it to students is wrong. Why they would be displaying something with mistaken information is beyond me, but I can only assume they do this to “jar” students.
As a senior at Clarion, for years I have seen Students for Life use these sorts of scare tactics to elicit a response from students, yet have remained quiet. But the fact they are spreading incorrect information to the student body has now pushed me to say something.
The subject is controversial, and while I don’t think the organization should be silenced, I do believe they should be held to a higher standard since abortion does affect so many students’ lives. I urge my fellow students to call upon Students for Life to remove this display, and any other incorrect information they are giving out, from their repertoire.

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