Gamers join tournament, battle for digital rewards

Clarion, Pa.- Over the Oct. 10 weekend, the Autumn Leaf Festival “League of Legends” Tournament was held for gamers throughout Clarion University in Becker Hall and the Nair Tech Floor.

“I’m very excited for it,” said freshman Ethan Frankfort, as he prepared for battle Friday night.   

Chris Wilson, Clarion Call

The multiplayer online battle video game was played for three nights from 5 to 9 p.m., concluding on Sunday, Oct. 12, when a winning team was crowned champions and in-game prizes were distributed. 

In-game prizes were not the only things to play for though. Tech Floor was able to raise $150 for sponsoring the event.

The event mimicked the eight team formation that participate in the annual “League of Legends World Championship.” Individuals play for millions of dollars in cash as part of eSport. Tech Floor was able to get 35 participants and seven teams together to play, just shy of an even tournament.  A wildcard battle was held during the tournament instead to make sure the tourney ran fairly.

Due to the popularity of “League of Legends,” Riot Game’s, the developer of the game, approves many of the tournaments hosted for this free-to-play game. 

Members of the winning team, The Richard Hydra Cometh, were individually awarded in-game prizes of a rare Triumphant Ryze skin and 5,000 Riot Points (R.P.) 

The Richard Hydra Cometh consisted of team members Matt Turner, Rachael Yahn, Mitch Warren, Stefanos Loss and Lucas Zacherl.

As such, Tech Floor was allowed to allot placing teams R.P. In second place, Klaud Nein, receiving 2,400 R.P., third place, Symposium, receiving 1,600 R.P. and fourth place The Bros., receivied 800 R.P. 

Boosting the local popularity of the event even further, all gameplay for the weekend was live-streamed on Twitch and can be viewed at twitch.tvcu_techfloor.

Participants in Nair shared their love of video games while off-stream game soundtracks were played all weekend. 

For instance, Sonic Adventure 2’s “Escape from the City” was played on loop for entire half-hour, without complaints. 

Sophomore Jeff Scheller was enthusiastic about the tournament and said, “It’s really interesting, a way to help bring people who play the game together.  It can be a big shock when someone finds out [you play].”

Junior Andrea Olson, events coordinator for the tournament, said the annual tournament was a success, building off the interest of the past few years.  She said, “Making new friends” was a benefit of the event, adding that “competition is cool.”

Olson agreed with her fellow gamers and said, “It’s really cool to find the players on campus and put them together.”

Olson encourages anyone interested in computers to join Tech Floor, a recognized student organization.  They will be holding seminars in the near future about assembling computers.

More information on Tech Floor and the event can be found on Facebook and Twitter @techfloor.

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