Boxing ring, games add fun to Family Day

Students and their family members gathered in the Gemmell Multi-Purpose Room to play games and win prizes at a carnival hosted by the University Activities Board on Oct. 11.

Tables were set up all around the MPR, supporting Clarion organizations and offering games for attendees. Students were encouraged to bring their families because it was Family Day at Clarion.

Clarion Allies host a ping-pong toss where participants had the chance to win prizes like candy and goldfish.
Clarion Allies host a ping-pong toss where participants had the chance to win prizes like candy and goldfish.

Music played over the loudspeakers and there were refreshments for the participants. The fun ambiance enhanced the many activities that students set up and gave off a family-friendly atmosphere perfect for Family Day.

A group called NEON set up an inflatable boxing ring as well as a table where participants could create their own bobble head. The boxing ring produced many laughs as friends and family battled with each other. Pictures were taken of each person who wanted a bobble-head and put into little figurines of baseball players, ballerinas, karate students and other athletes.

The Clarion Allies had a colorful stand where people could play ping-pong toss. Participants tossed a ball into cups with colored water. Prizes for this game included candy and goldfish. Allies also showcased a large banner that celebrated National Coming Out Day 2014, which is recognized on Oct. 11.

Women United was also at the carnival. They ran a face-painting station. Their table was next to a setup where attendees could put their face into a crystal. Using Clearly You Laser Crystal Imaging, participants could create a 3-D picture of themselves in a clear crystal. Many people stood in line to make this unique keepsake.

Another game table was supported by the Advisory Board for Leadership and Engagement. Here players stood on taped lines on the floor and tried to toss balls into various baskets. If they made the baskets, they were rewarded prizes.

“It’s great to be out on campus and helping,” said junior Patrick McGourty, vice president of leadership for ABLE.

The carnival gave students the chance to have fun or valuable time with their loved ones.

“My favorite [activity] was probably the boxing ring,” said student Rachael Rupprecht. “I got to spend some time with my younger brother.”

The carnival gave families another event to participate in during Family Day and allowed organizations to have fun with the families that showed up.

“We feel like family is a great part of every student organization,” said Brad Scarpiello, a member of ABLE. “More people are willing to do things if family is involved.”

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