#What’sTrending – Fall Activities

Corn Mazes – HOT! Corn mazes are so much fun. Whether haunted or not, they can be a lot of fun to get lost in. This could be a fun night out with friends, or a spectacular date night. Haunted corn mazes give such an adrenaline rush and leave everlasting memories. The thrill and excitement is something truly unforgettable.
Healthy Eating – NOT! Unfortunately, for the month of October, healthy eating is something that is not promoted. This is the season of pumpkin flavored goodies, pies, and candy. The supermarket alone has a specific isle dedicated to loads of different varieties of candy and fun Halloween themed treats. Candy corn, popcorn balls, and candy apples are at your convenience. So, indulge a little bit while some of these good treats are still around.
Scary Movies – HOT! This is that time of year again when the classic “Hocus Pocus” plays over and over again for the whole month of October. Scary movies are trending the whole month of October. It seems that every Friday of this month a new scary movie is premiering at a nearby theater. Even if you are not a fan of scary movies, you can usually catch yourself watching at least one this time of year.
Staying In – NOT! Staying inside is something that you do not want to do this beautiful time of year. Go outside and look around! It is absolutely breathtaking outside. The leaves are changing to beautiful, warm colors, and the air is crisp and refreshing. There is all of winter to stay warmed up inside, so don’t waste this great time of year in doors, and get outdoors.
Pumpkin Patch – Hot! Get into the fall spirit by going to a pumpkin patch for a fun fall themed date night. Whether visiting a genuine pumpkin farm or off the road parking lot pumpkin stand, a visit to either can lead to a great time for a first date or the 30th date. To “pumpkin” spice things up, during the date make a game out of looking for a pumpkin. Set a time. For example, you have one minute to find the largest pumpkin and whoever find the largest pumpkin within that time limit wins. You can even see who finds the smallest, weirdest shape, etc. Whoever comes up short pays for dinner on the next date.
Stargazing – Hot! October is a strange month when it comes to the weather. Some days, it’s cold, and other days it feels like the middle of summer. On nights that are fairly warm, go out on a stargazing date. Find a field, parking lot (and yes you can star gaze from the hood of your car or inside it) or anywhere that has little to no light. Grab some pillows, thick blankets, sleeping bags and lay them all down and enjoy watching the best and cheapest form of TV that the world has to offer for free: the sky! According to timeanddate.com, a meteor shower will be peaking from Oct. 20-21. At its peak, people can view about 20 meteors an hour on those nights.
Autumn Walks – Hot! Starting about now, the leaves on the trees are starting to turn into mesmerizing, fiery colors. This is one of the cheapest and possibly even the healthiest dates to go on. Go to a park every weekend from now until the end of October and notice the changes in the scenery. You don’t even have to go to the park, just walk around the neighborhood and see all the leaves that were once an emerald green turn into beautiful reds, oranges and browns.
Pumpkin Carving – Hot! Remember that pumpkin patch date? Well, here’s step two. Carving pumpkins is a great date and bonding activity. Depending on how many pumpkins you have, you can make a competition out of carving! The scariest face, most creative, most original, the list goes on and on! This could even be a double or triple date event! Have each person be a judge of whose pumpkin is the best.

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