Clarion University business major completes internship in Malaysia

John Fratangeli, a senior international business major, had the opportunity to do an internship in Malaysia during summer 2014. His internship was in Kuala Lumpur, where he lived from June 9 to Aug. 19.
During his internship, Fratangeli worked for a manufacturing firm and participated in work similar to data entry. He created a master list of all the projects in the MYOB accounting software he had to use.
He said the people of Malaysia couldn’t understand him, and their English wasn’t too good, so he had to spell out his sentences frequently.
“I still talk to the workers,” Fratangeli said. “Some of what I did was useful [to me], and other stuff I did was useful to them; it was intern work.”
He said the people in Kuala Lumpur are hard-working, and there are different customs, such as tea-time.
“I asked a guy in the shop why wasn’t anyone here and he said they were at tea-time. They have a specific time; I think it was around two or three.”
Kuala Lumpur is highly populated. Fratangeli resided in a high-rise while he was there.
“It was real, real different,” he said. “I was completely by myself. I had to learn to adapt and get out and make friends. You have to learn how to not be afraid and talk to people.”
Fratangeli said it was pretty difficult to adapt to a new environment by himself. During his months in Malaysia, he spent a lot of his time alone for the first few months, especially since he lived alone.
He made three good friends he hung out with a lot two weeks into July. He said he couldn’t do much, due to the traffic from the Muslim holiday. He did go on a boat tour, but the water was too rough that day, so he didn’t go to four islands as planned. Instead he went to two.
Fratangeli had lunch with an Indonesian family while he was on the boat tour, and he hung out with them all day.
“They were really nice,” Fratangeli said.
He also went to Thailand for a week.
“That was a lot of fun, it was an experience. It was really different,” he said.

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