#What’sTrending: Diet and Exercise

Special K Diet: NOT! The Special K diet has been around for years, and for a while was one of the most trending diets to take part in. The diet is NOT trending anymore. The thought of eating only two little bowls of cereal and one meal for the day is boring and now unappealing to most people. Although this diet may work for some people, it is definitely not the diet to be trying.
Clean Eating: HOT! Not sure how to lose weight in a easy and healthy way? Clean eating is taking over the media with its positive effects for health. Clean eating promotes consuming unprocessed foods that will directly help speed up your metabolism. Clean eating is a meal plan of eating a variety of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fats, and proteins six times a day. No food group is cut out! Paired with a little bit of exercise, you’ll be feeling great in no time!
Body Fitness: HOT! BeachBody fitness programs are the hottest trending exercise routines. Fitness instructor Shaun T, is featured in BeachBody’s programs such as Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, and T25. Insanity itself has been one of the most popular fitness programs that millions have engaged in. Fitness programs like these promote strengthening and losing weight by using one’s own body weight. There must be determination, but losing weight is sure to happen if you follow these well structured workout routines.
Spinning: NOT! Spinning, a few years ago, was one of the most trending types of physical exercise in gyms all over the country. Yes, spinning is a great form of physical exercise, but it is NOT a trendy way to exercise anymore. People don’t want to sit on an uncomfortable seat for an hour and bike. Mix up your workouts and make exercising more fun and enjoyable.
Hot Yoga- Hot! Just like regular yoga but in a room that reaches temperatures of up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. During these classes, the instructor goes through all the routines that are based off of traditional yoga postures. There are many benefits of doing yoga such as: increase blood circulation throughout the body, flexibility, balance, muscle tone, weight loss, immune functioning and digestion. Yoga can even help with increased energy and mental clarity, so if you have a big test around the corner, de-stress with some yoga!
Vinegar and water diet- Not! A vinegar and water diet consisting of apple cider vinegar mixed with water and is mainly used for fat-loss. The reason why this “fad” weight loss diet is slowly making its way down the ladder is mostly due to the smell of the vinegar. Many people are still doing the apple cider vinegar diet for weight loss and other medicinal purposes. Hopefully they add some honey to kill the taste.
Swimming- Hot! Since the weather is starting to cool down a bit, swimming in a pool outdoors is probably not the most desirable, but that’s what indoor pools are for! Swimming is very good for the body. There is low impact on the body which means your joints will be protected from strain and stress. Because there is low impact, swimming can be continued throughout a lifetime. Swimming helps build muscle mass and tones the body. For anyone that tries to avoid running, swimming laps can fill the void of cardio respiratory fitness.
Grapefruit diet- Not! The grapefruit diet is a very low calorie diet that was created with the overall goal of losing weight quickly. Followers eat more than just grapefruit, but this is a fad diet that is not necessarily safe for long-term weight loss or management.

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