Alumni, faculty collaborate on exhibition

The “Working Artists” exhibition opened its doors Sept. 24 in the university art gallery.

This show features 24 artists. Eight are faculty members, and 16 are Clarion University alumni. Faculty members include Gary Greenberg, Jeremy Boyle, Jim Rose, Kaersten Colvin-Woodruff, Mark Franchino, Melissa Kuntz, Vicki Clark, and Catherine Joslyn. Alumni featured in this art show include Jason Strohm, Jacob Yale, Adele Vensel, Anna Murray, Micheal Stek, Jennifer Rockage, Jesse Caggiano, Lori Grunick, Mackenzie Lenhart, Marian Barber, Nicholas Sullivan, Nicole Simpson, Dan Perryman, Kathy Rhoades, Rick Minard, Sundas Matloob, and Stacey Roy.

Each gallery piece goes well together.
Each gallery piece goes well together.

Professor Kuntz, (title,) organized the event and said she felt like it turned out way better than expected.

“It was nice to work with alumni that graduated in 1999, 2003-04 that are continuing to create artwork,” Kuntz said.

Kuntz also said that it was nice to see professors and alumni work together and create a similar aesthetic.

Professor Boyle created both a wooden conduit sculpture and a spray painted stencil on paper to complement alumni Roy’s piece. Regarding his conduit sculpture, Boyle said that he likes to take something utilitarian and remake it from new material and treat it in a different way. This piece took a lot of balance between machine and hand shaping. He also said that the piece is partially about asking the viewer to stop for a moment and consider things in a different way.

Boyle’s second piece is meant to be minimal in approach and appearance and is a variation between system, tool, and hand. The artwork centers around circularity, and it complements Roy’s piece in approach and intention.

“Both pieces were created to look like they exist without much effort, but there is a lot of tedious process behind the scenes that allows them to exist that way,” Boyle said.

Professor Kaersten Colvin-Woodruff's chandelier hangs in the entrance of the gallery.
Professor Kaersten Colvin-Woodruff’s chandelier hangs in the entrance of the gallery.

This show allowed alumni and faculty to reconnect and share the success in their careers. The show has a large array of work is meant to go well together.

“This wide range of visual production is parallel to a wide range of perspective and approach, in teaching and creative practice, of each of the faculty members in our department,” Boyle said.

Professor Colvin-Woodruff created a large and beautiful chandelier that strikes you right as you walk into the gallery. Kuntz said that this is her favorite piece in the show.

The exhibit will be open from now through Dec. 12. in the university gallery, Carlson Library, Level A. It can be viewed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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