#What’sTrending: Apps

Yik Yak – Hot! Yakkity-yak, don’t talk back, or do talk back! This app has been hitting college students hard this week. It is basically like Twitter, but with a few tweaks here and there. You can post whatever you want, comment on other people’s postings and even up and down vote people’s “yaks”. The thing that makes Yik Yak special is that you can do all these things anonymously. Will this app be a passing trend or will it stick around for times to come? Only time will tell for this addicting social app.
Facebook Messenger – Not! Ok Facebook, just show me my messages with out having to download a separate app. Not only do you have to download a totally separate app, but this app accesses a lot of your personal information. When the app is downloaded, the user is giving Facebook access to most things on the device like phone records, photos, and contacts, something that most people would like to keep private. Either way, this app will be sticking around because contacting friends on the actually Facebook app will be a no-go without it.
Pinterest – Hot! This four-year old app is still holding its own in the fast paced app world. Not only is Pinterest an app for iPhones and Androids, but it is also on the internet. Pinterest allows users to “pin” whatever they want to their “boards.” With Pinterest, users can pin recipes, plan trips, and crafts onto the board that fits the users fancy.
Snapchat – Hot! Three top best friends, 100,000 points, and endless “My Stories.” Snapchat has become a normality in smart phones. With Snapchat, you snap a picture, pick how many seconds you want to show the picture and send it to as many people on your friend list as you like. Each snap you take and receive, you earn points and gain “best” friends. You can also send videos via Snapchat as well. It does not get any more exciting than that.
Yummly – HOT. Yummly is the best app out there for anyone who loves to cook and wants to easily keep track of calorie/protein intake. It is a little bit similar to Pinterest in the fact that the app is easy to maneuver and you can search specific things that you want to find. The application allows users to save their favorite dishes to refer to at the later time and is really well organized.
Kardashian Game – Hot! If you haven’t tried out the new Kim Kardashian then your missing out! This new app is the hottest trending game right now that everyone is playing! I downloaded the game and have been addicted constantly to it. The goal is to become an A-list celebrity after starting from being an E-lister. By doing this, your character has to go to photo shoots and events just like most celebrities. It sounds like a lame game, but really is addictive once you start.
Tinder – NOT. Tinder was one of the hottest apps this past year. Tinder was originally meant to be a free dating application that allowed users to swipe to the right on a picture if they were interested in the persons profile picture being shown, and swipe to the left if one was not interested. If the user had a match with the other person swiping to the right in return, then you were given the others contact information. As this sounds like a really good idea, it turned into the least reputable dating app out there and it was really just an app that people now make fun of.
Flappy Bird – Not. Remember last semester when this was the app that had everyone talking? Well, not anymore. Flappy Bird hasn’t even been mentioned in the past few months. People probably realized that it was a really pointless game that just wasted time. Either way, Flappy Bird is NOT a hot, trending game anymore.

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