Album Review: ‘Seen It All: The Autobiography’

After a three-year album hiatus, Atlanta rap star Jeezy released his fifth studio album, “Seen It All: The Autobiography,” on Sept. 2.

The album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, with first week sales of 121,000 copies. This was the lowest number of first week sales in Jeezy’s career, and almost half the number of sales his previous album, “TM:103,” sold in its first week.

In years past, this drop in sales would have been a huge disappointment. However, with advancement of the internet and the availability of song streaming, selling 121,000 copies in the first week isn’t terrible. The album received an average score of 71, which is a positive review.

From start to finish, the album shows the growth and maturity in Jeezy as an artist and as a person. Most Jeezy fans are used to hearing an album full of raw and upbeat music, however, this time Jeezy’s approach was slightly different.

While still being motivational and making music for the streets, Jeezy does a lot of reflecting and story telling in his songs. There are inspiring tracks like, “Enough,” “4 Zones,” “No Tears,” and “How I Did It.” There are the street records, like “1/4 Block” and the first single on the album, “Me OK.” Then there’s the epic second single titled “Seen It All” which features Jay-Z. Both Jeezy and Jay-Z simply talk about seeing it all and discuss experiences they’ve had in the streets and in the rap game.

Jeezy also has a slow song for the ladies titled “F the World” that features singer August Alsina. Other artist featured on the album include T.I., YG, Kelly Rowland, Akon, Rick Ross, The Game, Lil Boosie, and Future.

After listening to the album myself, I feel that it shows Jeezy’s versatility and is a well-rounded album. It is another classic Jeezy album and should not struggle to reach gold status.

“Seen It All: The Autobiography” is preceded by three mixtapes. In December 2012, Jeezy released his 12th mixtape titled “It’s Tha World,” which was followed by the compilation mixtape “Boss Yo Life Up Gang” in August 2013 that featured various CTE World artists, and “Its Tha World 2” in November 2013. All three mixtapes were received well by fans, so before the release of “Seen It All: The Autobiography,” Jeezy had a lot of momentum.

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