This Week’s Hot or Not: Autumn fashion trends

High-Waisted Clothes – Hot! Goodbye low-rise denims and hello ‘80s styled high-waisted jeans. Who would have thought that this style would emerge from the depths of mom’s closet ever again? Well it has, and teens and college students around the nation have been reppin’ this rockin’ style since spring with high-waisted shorts. Even over the summer, high-rise bikini bottoms actually became a trendy style. Now, high waisted jeans are making their way into stores and into the drawers of fashionistas everywhere.

Ombre Hair – Not! Sorry ladies…and gentlemen, but this was a spring trend that worked its way into summer but sadly not into the fall. At first, everyone wanted everything ombre: hair, shorts, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, the list just goes on and on. The use of ombre was just getting over used and actually rather annoying. It’s about time for a new hairstyle to emerge into this world.

Scarves- Hot! Fall time is scarf time. Let’s be real here, a scarf is a great add on to almost any outfit. Wearing a baggy sweater? Scarf. Button up blouse? Scarf. Plain T-shirt? Scarf that thing up. Scarves can even be worn in different fashions. There are so many ways to wear one that they even have their own names. The Double Loop, The Girly Windsor and The Slip Knot are some of the most popular ways to wear a scarf this season.

Patterned Leggings- Still hot, but turning into a not! Patterned leggings have to be the most difficult forms of clothing to find something to match them with. This is pretty much the only downfall of these creative pants. Mostly, black leggings are still the top dogs in the fall fashion world. Not only are leggings easy and quick to wear, but you can even dress them up for a nice dinner and even dress them down for a comfy afternoon binge watching Netflix.

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