Students donate blood for good cause

Clarion, Pa.- An assortment of fraternities and sororities on campus helped bring in the American Red Cross to facilitate blood donations, so others can help out too. Zeta Tau Alpha member Katie Kasanicky said, “[Donors] save lives” and it is important that students like her give others the opportunity to donate.

Monday’s donation, was held from 11 through 5 in the Gemmell MPR, attracting dozens of altruistic students. Student donors could either sign up early via online appointment or provide a walk-in donation. The Red Cross donation dates are always open to community members as well, regardless of location; Clarion residents were also encouraged to donate.

A particular emphasis was also placed on the awareness of plasma donations. Senior volunteer Brittany Platz sais she would like to see more eligible plasma donors in the future since the requirements are so strict which includes having a 13 percent iron concentration. Female donors must be at least 5 feet, 5 inches tall and 150 pounds, whereas male donors are usually more eligible because they only have to be 5 feet, 1 inch tall and 130 pounds.

Halfway through the day, fellow Zeta Tau Alpha member Haley Young acknowledged that things were going well. Another usual part of the day was the group of helpful, modest student donors. When asked why she donates, student Caitlin Smith said proportionately, “It’s not that hard to do.” Nineteen-time donor Tiffany Hopkins went a step further and added, “Giving blood’s a ritual; I just do it to do it.” Many students showed up to donate.

Sharing the sentiment of many of her fellow students, senior Molly Cooper says, “They needed more tables.” The waits for walk-in students may have been long, but all qualified students who wanted to stick around did so, making for another successful drive.

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