Hypnotist snaps fingers, entrances volunteers

The University Activities Board brought hypnotist Kevin Hurley to campus on Sept. 12 in the Gemmell food court.

uab 1 onlineAudience members had the pleasure of watching him pick a select few volunteers from the audience to hypnotize.

For the show, Hurley asked all the people in the audience to put their phones and electronic devices on vibrate or silence so it didn’t distract the people who volunteered to be hypnotized.

About 10 volunteers got to participate. Hurley described this event for the participants as the “ultimate virtual reality experience.” Audience members watched as the volunteers experienced everything from dancing, to flying a plane, to being in the jungle, and even giving a girl a lap dance.

Hurley started his process of hypnotization by playing music. Things like ocean noises helped the participants relax and focus on deep breathing. He then did a lot of walking through what the participants were doing. In one scenario, he manipulated the participants into believing they were driving a car. Hurley talked them through the motions of starting the car and told them to wave to people that they saw. The participants did anything that he told them to do.

uab 2 onlineHurley asked the participants questions throughout the process, like “Can you feel your hands?” and “How many fingers do you have?”

When asking the people who volunteered to perform a certain action, he would say “On the count of three,” and snap his fingers.

When asked, a few of the audience members said they thought the show was ok. One person even said that he thought the show was fake.

Hurley has performed for a variety of different audiences, including celebrities and a former U.S. president. He has also performed on over 400 college campuses.

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