7-Eleven closing leaves gap in community

Clarion, Pa.- Teachers and students alike are noticing the effects; a once popular hang-out and convenience store, the local 7-Eleven, has closed due to a corporate decision to discontinue the gas station’s lease. Clarion University students and staff will be feeling the effects in their lives when they are here.

When asked about the closing, sophomore Mariah Pampeno was surprised and said how her boyfriend used to frequently visit the store. For some students, this poses quite an issue of convenience. Pampeno added, “They best put something there.” As of now, there are no plans for the now vacant property.

Pampeno said that a store like Sheetz is too far away. Junior Chesney Mulaski noted, “We won’t have close access for late night snacks.” “It makes me upset,” said junior Gabby Oglietti. Students are not the only ones disheartened by this news . Math Professor Dr. Dipendra Bhattacharya’s visits to 7-Eleven were impactful to his life and he is disheartened by its closing.

Over the past years, Bhattacharya made friends with the owner of the store, a younger man who, according to Bhattacharya, was both nice and wise. Preferring tea instead, Bhattacharya nonetheless made frequent coffee visits to this 7-Eleven every day because of his friendship. He said, “[The owner] taught me to accept more people and become a better human.” As such, Bhattacharya is now treating his friend to Eagle Commons after the store closing, returning the favors he had been the recipient of over the years.

Now, Bhattacharya said he will get his coffee at the local Wendy’s, but the real question is: Where will you go now that 7-Eleven has closed? There has been much speculation as to what will replace 7-Eleven. Many suggest they simply put another convenience store/gas station in place, while others wonder whether a Country Fair or Tim Horton’s is on its way. Nonetheless, the closing of the 7-Eleven has left a vacant spot on the corner.

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