Res Life program challenges students

kickball print
Students play kickball at the Rec Center. Photo by Jon Hyatt/Clarion Call

Clarion, Pa.- Beginning this semester for all on campus students, the “Resident Life Rec Challenge” was issued to help promote healthy activity, competition among students and a general participation in what the Clarion University’s recreation center has to offer.

The challenge is specifically directed toward incoming freshmen, encouraging them to get active early in college student life. Director of the recreation center, Lori Sabatose said, “[The initiative] gets more students aware of what we have to offer.” As far as the challenge is concerned, Lori and her team have both individual and team competitions lined up for students. Proposed by the Student Affairs’ Center for Wellness, at the beginning of this month, students can individually push themselves by competing in a biathlon.

The biathlon consists of students recording their individual times at the front desk regarding how fast he or she biked for three miles and/or ran on treadmill for one mile. This same contest can also be participated in with male, female or co-rec teams. The flip side of this challenge is team competition: namely the three sports of kickball, volleyball and dodgeball.

Teams are comprised based on the floors from the different residence halls and suites. Community advisors for this groups escort students to the rec center to participate in “Krazy Kickball” on Sundays, “8’s Volleyball” on Tuesdays and “MEGA Dodgeball” on Thursdays. In these hall competitions, not only is winning encouraged but so is participation. For simply showing up and accepting the challenge, all participants score a point for their team. Bonus points are then given to the overall winning and runner-up teams in each sport.

At the end of the four-week period, the total points for these three sports and the biathlon are tallied. A prize package is then distributed to the highest scoring floor team. This prize package consists of a plaque for display on the winning team’s floor, an inscription on the “Res Hall Challenge” plaque at the rec center, a pizza party and championship shirts for each team member.

So far in week one of competition, Campus View 1 & 2 are leading in kickball with 62 points; Givan Hall 1 & 3 in volleyball with 70 points and Wilkinson Hall 3 & 4 in dodgeball with 73 points. It is still early however and any team’s game. Runners and bikers can also take advantage of the biathlon challenge for extra points in the weeks to come.

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