Clarion alumnus Bucci releases first music video, ‘Want You Back’

Dominic Bucci, a Clarion University alumnus, has been making music since he was in high school. He recently released his first music video, a pop-punk cover of Cher Lloyd’s “Want you Back,” on Aug. 29.

Bucci makes his music under the name Leaving Community.

He said there was no inspiration for making this particular video. One of his co-workers connected him with director Josh Zakaria. When he met with Zakaria, it happened that “Want You Back” was the song Bucci was currently working on.

Bucci had always planned on making a music video.dom online

“I think I probably saw myself making more than one video,” Bucci said.

Bucci was completely responsible for casting of the video. He contacted the people he knew and tried to find out who would be able to do it and who wouldn’t.

Bucci said the video was fun to make. He said the part he enjoyed most were the shots where everyone was dancing around and being crazy with the band.

He and his crew also played a prank on the video producer. There is a scene in which Bucci arm-wrestles another guy in the video. He said the scene was completely unscripted.

“We tricked the producer,” Bucci said. “No one actually knew we were going to do it except for me and three other people.”

Although the video may have been fun to make, it came with its own set of challenges. Bucci said it was actually hard to hear the music he was singing to, especially during dance scenes.

“We couldn’t hear the music over the drumming, and we couldn’t get it loud enough,” Bucci said.dom 2 online

The video also took a lot of time to make.

“Every scene took at least five takes at the most, just to make sure we had everything perfect,” Bucci said.

It wasn’t just filming that took time. Not including pre-production, Bucci said there was about six hours of studio time put in.

You can check out the video on YouTube. For more information on Bucci and his music, check out his SoundCloud account by searching Leaving Community.



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