Former Clarion student releases debut album

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]A former Clarion University student is releasing his first full length album after saying his career began by simply being “in the right place, at the right time.”
Dallas James Wooster will release his debut record “Playing Along” online this weekend, as well as in small businesses throughout Clarion borough.
Wooster describes his genre as indie, however says his producers had a tough time deciphering a genre. He is signed to the record company, “Remember to Breathe” which is situated on Main Street.

Dallas poses with his guitar for a promotional photo.
Dallas poses with his guitar for a promotional photo.

He said, “A friend of mine in college was at a fraternity thing and this one guy was just like ‘Hey, you sing right?’ And he was just like okay, I just so happened to know these people who run a music studio. You should sing for them. They liked me, then they signed me. It was just luck. I do want to expand, but there’s always a back-up plan for me that is always making sure I get my education. It would be great to have a chart-topping song out there some time, but if not I’m fine with staying around town making people happy.”
As well as recording his new album with producers, Herman Locke and Amanda Connors, Wooster also performs live gigs both in Clarion and his hometown of Pittsburgh.
“Pittsburgh is my hometown, so is where most of my support network is. That’s where everyone saw me go from a loser with a guitar to not such a loser with a guitar. I started in bars, sounds a bit of a cliché – most musicians do that stuff,” Wooster said. “I prefer the café setting. It’s just quiet and people actually like to sit with a conversation and you can be the right background music.”
Wooster also added that his favorite song to record was the title song, “Playing Along” but said that “There’s one song that we could not get the drums just right.”
Among other tracks on the album, are “Sounds of Regret” and “Lead Me” as well as three acoustic songs.  All music and lyrics on the album is by Wooster.
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