Trejos named outstanding Latina Faculty member

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Dr. Sandra Trejos is an economics professor at Clarion.
Dr. Sandra Trejos is an economics professor at Clarion.

CLARION, Pa. – Professor of Economics at Clarion University Dr. Sandra Trejos has been honored as Outstanding Latina Faculty in Higher Education: Service Teaching in Higher Education by the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education.
The AAHHE offers the award to all fields of expertise in higher education. Trejos was honored as part of the American Society of Hispanic Economists as well.
She has been a member of faculty in the College of Business Administration since 2004, and among many other achievements, also co-founded the Study Abroad Club and started the Model United Nations Club.
Trejos was nominated by emeritus dean of the college Dr. James Pesek, and was honored at the association’s annual conference on March 6-8 in Costa Mesa, Calif. She described the conference as energizing and humbling, and gave a speech as she received her prize, a painting by artist Edward Gonzales of New Mexico.
Trejos was particularly moved by the gift, stating it as “heavenly and very meaningful” in her speech. On the reverse of the painting, it states: “Her interest in economics comes from a desire to have an educated participation in the fight against poverty, income equality, ignorance and all associated factors that are spread across the Earth.” Trejos says this is the reason she went into economics as well as wanting change because “we are all part of the human race.”
Trejos said that her proudest moment was when students recognize her commitment to their learning, and this was proven when Clarion’s Economics Club PEACE held a celebration party for her.
Trejos speaks highly of the university and reflects on her achievement “To me teaching is not necessarily about how much I know, but about how much students can learn from me and the different teaching methods: multimedia, discussion, lecture, homework online discussion, study sessions, knowing students learning styles are different. It is about cultivating the intellectual curiosity and the enjoyment of better understanding the world in which we live. This comprehension will allow everyone to better become factors of change toward improving societal outcomes from the many different disciplines students study or become part of.”
She added, “I keep myself active in the three circles of a professor’s life: teaching, scholarly activities and service. I present at economics and interdisciplinary conferences both nationally and internationally. I network with colleagues in the field, and I enhance experiential learning through a more unique relationship with the students through the Recognized Student Organizations I am a part of. From my teaching, I learned a great deal through attending Teaching in Economics conferences and doing classroom-based research to understand the factors that are statistically significant in explaining our students’ academic performance. I have found evidence throughout the years that shows effort, attendance, motivation cognitive skills and past academic performance in high school are positively related to better cumulative GPAs.
For me, it is crucial to keep in mind I am teaching a subject, but I am also helping students reach their potential, which may be beyond his or her own expectations (core value of CU). Presenting opportunities to grow outside the classroom and making their time at CU count in the classroom is something I care to do.”
Anh Lucci, a graduate of Clarion University also says that Trejos is deserving of this award. She said, “She inspires and assisted so many students. I think she even puts her student’s career before herself – that’s what makes her very unique among other professors.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_facebook type=”standard”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_tweetmeme type=”horizontal”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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