Guest speaker encourages audience to “Give Yourself a W.O.E.”

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Everyone has heard of acronyms, such as LOL for laugh out loud or CU for Clarion University. But what about taking regular words, such as part or build, and transforming them into words of more powerful meaning?
On Monday March 24, the Office of Minority Student Services and Martin Luther King Jr. Committee sponsored guest speaker Derrick Hayes as part of the “Dream 50 Years Later” series.
Hayes, credited for his international skill to alter normal, dull, everyday terms into unrecognizable masterpieces, spoke to CU students about building relationships in college and out.
A Tennessee State University alumnus, Hayes has traveled across the U.S. speaking at small and large meetings, church events, academic and other speaking engagements. He said it only took one small and seemingly preposterous idea to motivate him to become the inspiration that he is to others.
“Throughout college, I noticed that some students just are not able to afford the simple things in life, such as food. So, I started a small little business selling hot dogs to hungry students. I called it Hotdog Heaven,” Hayes said, as the crowd echoed in a quiet chuckle.
He continued, “However, what truly inspired me to begin to motivationally encourage others was what I found lying beside me on the floor of the apartment that I stayed in after college.” Beside him was a Bible. One of the first words that he read from its withered pages was “woe.”
He said, “I thought to myself, I don’t want to read every day about a great sorrow or a woe. I want a Word Of Encouragement. I want to give myself and others a real W.O.E.”
Hayes’ topic, Building Relationships In College and Out, he believes, all starts with oneself. He asked everyone in the audience to shout out what city or town they were from and where the places are. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Dubois, New Jersey; town after town was shouted. However, one thing remained in common: everyone was now here at Clarion.
“See,” Hayes said, “It’s firstly important to know where you’re from and where you’re at. You need to build these relationships were you are at and then take them back home and build upon them more.”
BUILD, another one of his renowned acronyms, stands for Becoming you, Understanding your uniqueness, Investing in networking, Learning from relationships and Develop others.
Each letter stands for not only a goal, but also an idea.
Hayes said, “Each letter asks the five W’s: who are you, what do you want, where are you, when are you, why are you who you are. Look in the mirror: we are all facing something that we can build upon or change to become a better person. Some people it may be health, drugs, school or abuse. But you have to turn that negative into a positive or else it will haunt you. How you view things in your life, how you speak to yourself and others, is how others will speak to you. If you have a negative tone and you go throughout your life with it, then you can expect people to be negative back.
“All right, let me give you some examples,” he said. “A thought or inspiration for you to take back with you as you leave tonight. Look at the word life: what do you see? In the word life is the word if. If you don’t try you won’t succeed. What about look: there’s the word OK. My mom was diagnosed with cancer and she told me this one. ‘Look around you, son,’ she’d say, everything is going to be OK.”
Gasps and smiles lit up the room as he continued, “Trail. Switch the ‘i’ and ‘a’ around and you get trial. You’ll have to go through a trial in order to blaze your trail. Part: read it backward, and it’s trap. You may fall into some traps but it is all a part of a greater plan. And guard: it has ‘u r’ in it. Now draw a circle around the ‘u r’ and take out the ‘a’. It spells god. ‘U r’ always guarded by god or a higher power in all of you do.
“Now lets look at Martin as in Martin Luther King. Martin has ‘art’ inside. Life is an image of art. Take the ‘m’ and let it stand for mission, movement, message, or medicine for your mind. MLK did all of these things. All it takes is one word to build your brand, to take just one simple word and let it speak for you.”
Hayes is an active scholarship donor to his newly funded scholarship program The College of Business Wall of Excellence. He is the acclaimed author of “DerrickNYMs From A to Z” and is heavily involved in social media.
Check him out on his android and iPhone app, Motivation for Your Mobile or his blog, Today’s Honoree, which honors local and self-nominated individuals. For more information about him or his networks, visit[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_facebook type=”standard”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_tweetmeme type=”horizontal”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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