Democrats ready for midterm elections

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]2014 is a year of major elections, and this year’s midterm races are surely nothing to sneeze at for national Democrats. Having lost the House to Republicans in 2010 and maintaining the Senate in 2012, liberals would love nothing more than to regain the other half of Congress. When looking at President Barack Obama’s proposed 2015 fiscal year budget, it appears he would like the same.

The $3.9 trillion budget calls for an increase in spending compared to the 2014 budget but does freeze or cut certain areas. The budget hammers home strong Democratic issues, such as infrastructure and road repairs, education and other economy-bolstering matters. It also works to eliminate certain tax loopholes for America’s wealthiest individuals and aims to lower taxes for lower and middle-class families. Those highlights mirror issues Democrats have been pushing for since Obama entered office in 2009.

The “Buffett Tax” is still a driving force behind the budget’s tax reform. That topic alone could sell for Democratic candidates and ultimately help them when targeting the rich. $651 billion is expected to be raised by limiting tax deductions to the wealthy, one of the many numbers Democrats have in their arsenal this election season.

Rebuilding and repairing America’s aging infrastructure is something that should connect across party lines. People of all parties use America’s roadways, so there should be little arguing over the amount of money being spent in this area. The budget also takes into account the Defense Department’s spending freeze, therefore freeing up certain funds for other areas as well.

Passing the budget will be tough, especially in a polarized Congress. But when it’s all said and done, Republicans have already allowed the debt ceiling to be raised without strings attached, so I would expect less of a fight here, as well.

What Democrats remember, and what the budget emphasizes, is that it’s not all about the message. It’s more about how the message is conveyed, which is just what Democrats will do when this budget is passed.

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