Holocaust survivors, stories dwindling

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Alice Herz-Sommer, the oldest Holocaust survivor, died Sunday. This is because the number of Holocaust survivors is diminishing quickly. It is our responsibility to take the opportunity to learn about the Holocaust before there aren’t any more survivors left to pass on the history.

Although most people are not unaware of the events that took place during the Holocaust, not all of us take the time to educate ourselves about it on a deeper level. We hear of Holocaust survivors dying often, but do not think of the impact that their deaths have on our knowledge of the Holocaust. Those who actually lived through it are our primary source of information, but we take for granted that the source will be around forever.

There have been many tragic events in history, but the Holocaust was one of the most unfathomable and gruesome. This kind of tragedy cannot simply be learned through text, but rather from others’ actual experiences. I believe that it is necessary for students to educate themselves on the Holocaust, due to the fact that the survivors will not be around forever. 9/11, for example, is an event that one day students will only learn about by reading in a history book. Our generation and our children will learn about it from experience, but eventually there will come a day where no one is around to speak of the event from experience. The same holds true for the Holocaust, and I think that should scare some of us into gaining more knowledge on the events that took place.

The most important reason to learn about the Holocaust is to learn tolerance of others. When I personally met a survivor from the Holocaust, she stressed how such events could have been minimalized if people only had tolerance. Through reading about the Holocaust and watching films, tolerance for others could be implied, but not the way that a personal survivor can speak about it. If we take the opportunity to meet more Holocaust survivors, we will be better educated and able to educate others on the topic. It would be a crime to not give educating ourselves and others about the Holocaust the attention it deserves.

Learning about the Holocaust is not just reading a history book and watching movies based off it. It is also taking the time to realize that there are survivors out there who can teach us what will be unteachable once they are gone. It is our responsibility to gain knowledge on the subject so that we can tell future generations about it, and hope to prevent events like this from happening again.



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