Greek life is not its stereotypes

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]College presents students with many opportunities to get involved. Considering not all of us play a sport or have a hobby to fill our time, we must find something else to keep us busy. A great option that many colleges offer is to join a sorority or fraternity.

Many people are biased to the idea of going Greek. There are many stereotypes that come along with sororities and fraternities, which often turns people away completely. Most do not look into Greek life deep enough to know the good that comes with it.

To start, every sorority or fraternity has a philanthropy. A philanthropy is a cause that the sorority or fraternity raises money for and works with. Events are held to raise money for the cause that the sorority or fraternity is associated with.

A myth about Greek life is that it is all about partying, and that students do not have time to focus on their school work. Sororities and fraternities actually have a required GPA for a student to be in the sorority. If you are doing poorly academically, you would not be allowed to be a part of Greek life to begin with. It is also easy to get help from others in your sorority or fraternity because someone is bound to have the same major. Time management is improved because students are not sitting around in their room all day procrastinating homework and studying, but rather learning to balance Greek events and school work. Another great aspect of Greek life is the leadership opportunities. Within a fraternity or sorority there are roles a student can take on. This looks great on a professional resume, and allows a student to gain experience taking on and balancing many responsibilities.

I personally think the best aspect of joining a sorority or fraternity is the friendships that are built. After only joining a sorority recently, I already have 48 girls I can go to for anything I need help with. They are not just there for you because they are in the same organization, but rather because they actually want to be. Once you join Greek life, you are a member for life, and that cannot be said about many other groups. Going Greek provides a student with leadership opportunities, lifelong friendships and a college experience that is more than just sitting in a dorm room.

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