Late-night breakfast attracts hundreds of students

Hundreds of students gathered at Eagle Commons Sunday night for the late-night breakfast held every semester.

Around 10 p.m., Clarion University president Karen Whitney helped open the doors for hundreds of hungry students to enjoy themselves on the eve of finals week.

“This is just a few minutes away from all the studying people are doing, just to have some fun, get something to eat, see some friends and kind of breathe,” said Whitney. “I really think that’s helpful to being at your best for finals this week.”

Food was provided by Chartwells, the university’s official food service. Different stations serving the same food were positioned so lines would move along in an efficient manner.

Jeff Gauger of Dining Services said the number of people matched up with last spring semester and that it’s “one of the funner events” done every year.

“It’s purely driven through the administration. It comes out of the president’s office and student affairs,” said Gauger. “We have a lot of volunteers here tonight. We’re pushing 30 people volunteering their time here for the students tonight.”

Volunteers consisting of professors and campus staff were enlisted to help serve students.

“This is a great time. Everyone’s happy, they’re happy the semester’s over and it’s just a fun time here in Clarion,” said Susan Bornak, dean of student development.

Bornak said over 450 students entered Eagle Commons within 15 minutes of opening.

Entertainment for the evening was presented by disc jockey Todd Swoope. An area in the middle of the dining area was cleared for people to dance to the music, which was a mixture of holiday and pop music.

Swoope said the breakfast and entertainment were “a nice break away before people start locking themselves in the library for hours on end.”

“I feel like a good show helps enhance their night,” said Swoope. “It makes their night a little bit better before they head to finals.”

Whitney said a “tremendous amount of effort” was put into making the late-night breakfast possible and wished students good luck on their finals.

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