Film student releases short film, plans sequel

Clarion University student Joe Bucci has released part one of his short film, “Alex,” and will be releasing part two next spring. Bucci, a junior communication major with a concentration in digital media, is the director, producer and writer of the independent film.

Bucci is currently fundraising for the second part, “Alex 2: The Legend of the Half Blood,” through the website Indiegogo. The online fundraiser ends on Dec. 18, with a goal of $8,000.
“Alex” centers on a young man in a post-apocalyptic world with an added supernatural twist.

“In this…world there are few survivors, and those who do survive are not living—they struggle to survive. The night is ruled by vampires while (during) the day, natural elements take their toll on anyone who has made it this far. Alex is one of the few survivors,” Bucci said.

Bucci created the idea himself, along with fellow producer Liam Burns.

“Liam Burns and I were hiking and found this location. We just started talking and thought up the idea while we were at the abandoned green house. We went home; I typed up a script and we shot it the next day,” Bucci said.

Filming occurred during late August in a period of two days. “Alex” was filmed in an outskirt near Pittsburgh, but Bucci plans to film some of the second part in Clarion.

Preproduction for “Alex 2: The Legend of the Half Blood” began in early November, and Bucci is presently writing the script.

“I was only aiming for about 20 pages, but I am well beyond that and only about half-way done (with the script). There still is going to be about 40 revisions before we shoot the film, and it will most likely be cut in some places and extended in others,” Bucci said.

The short film can be viewed on YouTube and Vimeo, and Bucci has created a Facebook page titled “Alex 2: The Legend of the Half Blood.” However, Bucci has bigger plans for “Alex” beyond Clarion University.

“My hopes are that we are able to get the film onto Netflix and it becomes a made-for-Netflix series. I can see that happening with the script and the storyline. The sky is the limit,” Bucci said.

For more information on “Alex” and its sequel, contact Bucci at The film can be viewed on Bucci’s personal website,, and donations can be made on Indiegogo at the name “Alex 2: The Legend of the Half Blood.”

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