Faceoff: Who is this year’s NFL Most Valuable Player?

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Trevon Gaines:

How could you possibly argue that there is another player having a greater season than Peyton Manning in this 2013-2014 season?
In my eyes, I don’t think anyone even comes close to the MVP race with Manning this season.
There are a few players like Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham and Calvin Johnson that can maybe be in the argument since they’re all having great seasons but their stats still don’t add up to Manning’s.
The 37-year old veteran is looking almost impossible to stop this season.
Not only is he leading the No. 1 team in the NFl, he’s also doing it almost close to perfection.
If it wasn’t for Adrien Peterson’s unexplainable, fantastic and record setting season last year, he could be on his way to be winning his second straight MVP.
Manning finished runner-up in the MVP poll last season.
Manning is leading the No. 1 offense in the NFL this season.
He’s averaging 350 yards passing per game this year.
Going into the most anticipated game of the season this past Sunday, Nov. 17, against the conference rival Kansas City Chiefs, Manning was completing 71 percent of his passes.
That means Manning was connecting a little over seven out of every ten passes this entire season.
Some may look at Manning and say he’s getting old and he isn’t as good as he once was, but that has to be disrespectful compared to the numbers Manning is putting up this year.
During week one he set the level of success for quarterbacks this season extremely high.
He completed 27 of 42 passes for 462 yards and added seven touchdowns.
His longest pass of the game and also his longest pass so far this season was a 78 yard pass.
It only took Manning three games to reach the 1,000 yard mark for passing yards.
Manning has a passer rating of 118.3 so far this year and six out of the ten games played this year he had a passer rating over 105.
On top of that, Manning didn’t have a passer rating under 92 in any game this season.
Manning is leading the lead in passing yards so far this year with 3,572 yards.
The player closest to him is Brees and he’s over 200 yards behind Manning.
He’s also leading the NFL in passing touchdowns with 34, which Brees is also trailing him by eight touchdowns.
Manning also has only six interceptions this year and just over 100 of his 409 passes this season were incomplete.
If he continues to play at the level he’s playing at, Manning could pass his old record of 49 touchdowns he had in the 2004 season.
He’s on pace to throw close to 60 touchdowns this season.
This task might be a little challenging for Manning though.
Four of the final six teams that Manning is facing is ranked number one, seven, nine and twelve in the NFL in passing defense.
But when you’re the leader of the No. 1 offense not only in the NFL now but one of the best offenses this league has ever seen makes the task that much easier.
You can watch one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time this Monday night, Nov. 25 against his arch rival Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on ESPN at 8:30 p.m.

Jazzmonde James:

Although he may not be Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, Drew Brees is one of the best quarterbacks in the game and more people should see his talent.
Brees is a good quarterback and even better with the right support system behind him, like anyone else.
After last season, a lot of people thought the Saints wouldn’t be as good as one would hope, but the team is now 8-2.
Although he is not the height of any of the top quarterbacks he is still able to produce similar things that top quarterbacks can for his team.
Brees has given the Saints a chance to score when the defense holds them back.
He is able to take the leadership role and deliver the ball to the right person at the right time.
One thing that makes him better is his footwork and has the right mechanics to be a quarterback.
It is all about having the right stance so you throw the ball right.
He has good accuracy and placement when throwing the ball so the wide receiver can catch it..
Brees has the most passing yards out of the top three quarterbacks.
Brees also has had at least one touchdown for 54 games straight.
In the season so far, he is 3369 total yards, and has recorded 68.9 percent completion percentage.
He has only two interceptions and has thrown 26 touchdowns.
He also has a quarterback rating rating of 106.7.
Brees has the ability to get his team down the field and score a touchdown at any time.
The team has a challenging schedule for the reason of the season and it shouldn’t affect the way Brees plays.
Brees gave the Saints the second best passing yards and in the red zone they are No. 20 in the league but that can be worked on because all the games they won were not because that could not be points on the board because they did that and won by 25 and higher and even when they lost, they had at least 25 points on the board.
All this happens through what the quarterback does while the game is played and how good he is dealing with pressure of the defense and I think that Brees does a good job with all of that.
I think that Brees will take the Saints to the NFC Championship as long as he keeps up with the skills that he has and keeps improving on the things that he is doing for then the rest of the season will go well for them.
This Thursday, their next game will be against Atlanta at 8:30 on the NFL Network.
I think you will see Brees open up the offense and test the defense.
Once the defense lets Brees get on a roll, he can get over 200 yards in the game and he can even get a couple touchdowns.
Brees is as good as some of the top quarterbacks in the game right now.
Just with the right player around him you can see what he has to over and have the great coaching he can show out on game day.
Brees may not be the No. 1 quarterback in the league but he should at least be in the top five.

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