EFSN dating game show pairs students together

On Friday, Nov. 15, University Activities Board hosted an Every Friday and Saturday Night dating show game at the Gemmell Food Court. The host Adam Ace kept the audience’s attention by having the players answer creative questions and perform dance moves. The participant and their chosen date would win $75 to start their love story. In order to choose the contestants, Ace turned on music to dance to, and the audience picked the dancer they thought performed the best. For the first round, Ace played “Jump On It” by the Sugarhill Gang, and the audience selected student Taylor Aiken as the best dancer. Aiken sat in a seat on one side of a curtain, unable to see the four selected gentlemen on the other side. One of the questions asked was for the candidates to describe themselves if they were an animal. The answers varied from a puppy to a lion and chameleon. Another question asked was why the men each believed he deserved to date Aiken. Answers some of the candidates gave ranged from assertions of being “amazing,” or “good-looking,” to knowing how to treat a girl right or “changing the world.” The last question Ace chose to ask in the first round was what the name would be of the first baby the couple would have. After the contestants got a case of the squirms, they all banded together to answer and say that the decision would ultimately be up to Aiken. After taking on several more answers and deliberating over who was best for her, Aiken chose Torron Mollett. Aiken said, “I think I found the love of my life…no not really!” For round two, Ace played “Soulja Boy” by Soulja Boy, and the audience selected Dion White. Ace then selected six women from the audience to be contestants to find White “the love of his life.”
One of the questions asked was where the candidates would take White on a first date. The answers varied from snowboarding to going to breakfast together at the County Seat.
Another question was, “What was the worst pickup line a guy ever used on you?” One woman said that after denying a guy once, he said to her, “Keep it moving like a U-HAUL.” Another woman said that she had to repeat her name six times, but the person she was talking to continually called her different names. After several more questions, White chose Thea Headley. “I believe that was not one of the wisest decisions I have made,” Headley said. For the final round the audience chose Cortez Carey, along with five contestants who eagerly volunteered. In this round, it was Carey who asked the majority of the questions. He said, “I like a woman [who] is beautiful along with her soul, and [who] has poise.” Among some of the other questions Carey asked was what the ladies’ dream weddings would be. Another wide range of answers included a Peacock wedding, an all-white wedding with ice sculptures of themselves, and a backyard wedding with immediate family only. Carey also asked what the contestants’ favorite Bible verse was. Some answers to this were Psalm 143 and John 3:16. Out of the women who participated, Carey chose Nautica Lewis. Lewis said, “This was a sweet event, and I enjoyed the host because he was funny, but in a sarcastic way.” Ace said the event was a good turnout. “I had a lot of fun today. This game show had the most surprising and interesting answers I’ve ever heard.”

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